Diving into the world of Educational Technology

In 1992, I broke out my Macintosh Classic and started making some handouts for my students at Van Buren Middle School in Albuquerque, NM.

I had some ideas about the Internet already; I was blessed to have attended a journalism symposium in Tempe, Arizona where an Arizona State University professor told us about the Internet and the future rise of personal computing in every day life. We were amazed, especially with the future release of the 14.4 k modem.

By 1996, I had a website, first for my cross country team, and then by 1998, I created dothgrin (“doth grin” is a Shakesperian comedy term, basically meaning to laugh at one’s misfortunes…my students said that instead of getting mad or yelling at them for a deliberate mistake, I would grin at them devilishly. They knew it was not personal, and they told me to keep the moniker…and I still use it to this day).

I have had a web site ever since, and it has improved every year so much so that students expect me to have it up, it has been a part of the Advanced Placement list serv list of sites for several years, and former students still look for it either out of nostalgia, or for materials.

(I have actually moved away from a full web site to a blog-style site in recent years, and this year, I went to Google Sites for my instruction…more on this later)

However, I have to admit I feel like I have been falling behind in some areas instead of staying close to the curve (I used to be able to be ahead of many educators…at least until around 2004…but the new generation of teachers has risen the stakes, which I like!)

Thus, I am here, going after my second Master’s (and possibly a Ph.D or ED.d). The fun in this is I am completing my 20th year of teaching, yet I want to be as fresh as possible. I want to be able to transfer my years of experience to a new generation of educators, but be able to have those teachers be able to fully use whatever tools are at their disposal.

So, I go from being a New Mexico State Aggie, briefly a New Mexico Lobo, a Grand Canyon University Antelope, and now a Boise State University Bronco (I love the Denver Broncos, so this makes it easier!

(Oh, on a personal note: I started out as a newspaper reporter, split my time as an educator and a free lance education columnist and prep/junior college sports reporter. I love design and picked up on some of the latest concepts via my three years as a Gilbert High School- Arizona – yearbook advisor prior to moving to Portland. I lived in New Mexico for 32 years, Arizona for six, and now my new home is beautiful Portland)