Tech Use Plan Presentation

This is the second major tech plan I have been privy to putting together since I have been teaching, but this one is significantly different than the first.

My first was a one, three and five-year plan. Well, needless to say, even though I am no longer at that school, I am certain that plan is not the same. This is for two reasons: One, the recession, and two, what a change since 2007.

Tablets? Netbooks? Curriculum integration? Google Sites? Word Press? Social networking in the schools?

None of those were taken into consideration when we put the plan together in 2007.  The hardware was definitely purchased, thanks to a major bond issue, but there are several different approaches I would take today to refine that lesson plan than when we were simply happy to get as much on campus as we could and figure out how to use it later.

Those days are over. A specific plan must be called into play so that all stake holders understand what is being purchased and used. This not to say that my previous school’s plans were wrong: Getting wireless on campus and to every teacher and getting hardware was important. Teachers did put it to good use, but mostly on an individual basis, and among chaotic conditions (layoffs, budget cuts, and salary freezes often overshadow the ability to move ahead with integrating technology and curriculum).

I actually plan to present this plan to our school, since we do not have a formal one in place as yet. It is something that will need refinement and needs to be evaluated by a planning committee. But it is a start…and it is something that can be built upon.


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